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CyberDynatics Business Solutions
Taking your business to the next level in Cyberspace.

We specialize in building web portals and web applications to securely share organizational information and operational data that will give access to any authenticated user from anywhere in the world. Here are just some of the solutions we can provide your business:

  • Intranets - Provides a secure browser based portal for your employees and management where then can perform almost any business function. Providing access to customer information, employee and team information, documents and forms, shared calendaring, reports and almost any other electronic information.

  • Extranets - Provides a secure browser based portal for your customers, vendors, suppliers and external sales reps. Completely customizable to allow any level of integration and collaboration.

  • E-Commerce - Provide extensive, feature-rich shopping cart and registration solutions. Integrated with your back-end CRM and accounting solutions.

  • Websites - Need a new website or simply some renovations to your existing site? Our extensive experience in website design and construction will assure you get the best value for your money. Our administrator interface is unsurpassed in functionality and ease of use.

Let us help you design, create, and maintain your web based business solution. Contact us today!

Your success is our mission!

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